Sports broadcast (스포츠중계) started using newspapers and radio and continued with Television broadcasts and today it has progressed to a circumstance at which digital technology will also be included. This technology eases the work of associations and persons engaged in reporting and publishing, and enable them to transfer data and broadcasts faster and with top grade. Besides supplying an advantage to those that produce this articles, the articles also provides the viewer with space and also enables use of articles without time separation.

Developing network in the media

The Simplicity of access To digital media content, allure to a larger crowd, providing feedback, and not needing a massive investment, even making social networking stations digital invited to start up to the field. One of the places that attract the attention of the masses sports events is understood in contemporary social media channels as well as in conventional settings. It is now open to the masses. Inside this way, face-book, Twitter, and social networking such as YouTube are just one of the absolute most popular websites for its publication of sports-related content.

Produced in tech

Assessing the Digital transformation in broadcasting related to sports, which brings worldwide focus, which attracts societies collectively, and some times causes negative advancements, can examine the quality of digital broadcasting along with its own potential future. It is crucial with regard to providing clues. In this investigation, far more in Turkey. It aims to test digital advancements in sports broadcasting, that have yet to be managed adequately and updated previously.

The literature Inspection procedure was found in this study. Study info associated with the area of Sports broadcast and electronic media from Turkey whose organizations’ webpages and instructional studies on the subject are accessed. From sports journalism into sports broadcasting at the very first portion of the analysis. The 2nd aspect is moved into the digital transition and also developments within the world of sports broadcasting Turkey have been discussed.