3924 Autolite has over a Hundred years of specialized expertise and Has sold more than 11 billion connectors. Autolite Copper Core Spark plugs are guaranteed for a speedy start, good fuel economy, and smooth stride while fulfilling or exceeding design requirements. Look at updating the Autolite platinum, double platinum, or iridium XP connectors to enhance engine effectiveness. Copper core straps really are the industry standard. Autolite may be your established partner for NASCAR implementation.

Autolite Spark plug’s assembled a reputation within the automotive industry for craftsmanship and quality. They manufacture spark plugs for almost any automobile traveling now. Even the autolite 3924 spark plugs are available for on and off-road utilization and therefore are created for all climate conditions.


Auto cores with copper cores possess cold-formed Metal shells With correctly rolled threads, entire aluminum primary electrodes for improved overall performance, and one way connections for additional power. Spark plugs use copper-glass gaskets that connect insulators along with electrodes to the center of this connector. This guarantees total strain in the discharge gap and a 100 percent gastight seal. Even the autolite 3924 has considerable application directions which cover every little thing using the internal combustion engine. Keep your own engine effortlessly and reliably with spark plugs for the Autolite aluminum core. It’s a 2-year guarantee with it.


Part Quantity of this sparkplug is 3924 it’s Heart Electrode Core Fabric of Copper with a center electrode design and style that’s regular or standard the tip cloth of centre electrode is made up of impeccable. Drive dimension is also upto5/8 that will be 16mm. The electrical terminal sort is actually a stud. Gap- Factory Preset is currently 044 in (1.1mm)Ground Electrode Configuration is solitary as well as the Earth Electrode Core Materials is made of NickelGround Electrode Style and Design is composed of Tapered, Floor Electrode Tip Material is Impeccable.

Insulator Material is made of CeramicInsulator Kind is Mid. Manufacturer Heat selection Number up-to 300Reach (in): .750 in resistance of the spark plug is 4000. Resistor form is Resistor. Chair Style Gasketwhich assists in air tight seal Thread Size: 14mm x 1.25.